NIE has provided Fabricare Insurance since 1915!

How the Exchange is Different

Many fabricare businesses don't realize how different NIE is from other insurance programs. Here's our attempt to summarize NIE's major differences:

  • LEGAL STRUCTURE: Most other insurance programs are owned by their stockholders. As a reciprocal exchange, NIE doesn't have stockholders. NIE's policyholders elect an Advisory Committee that determines how to distribute NIE's profit. A high percentage of NIE's profits have been returned to NIE's policyholders.
  • EXPERIENCE: NIE's entire workforce spends all of its work time on fabricare insurance. Employees average tenure at NIE is 12 years. They have already dealt with most any problem your fabricare business will ever face.
  • COMMITMENT: NIE serves only the fabricare industry. Since 1915, NIE's commitment to the fabricare industry has never wavered.
  • SIZE & STRENGTH: NIE is small, but mighty! We are quick and efficient. Our financial ratios are stronger than most of the industry giants. Our reinsurers' assets exceed $20 billion. A.M. Best rates our financial condition as "Excellent."