NIE has provided Fabricare Insurance since 1915!

Chuck Simpson, Dry Cleaner and Coin Laundry Insurance Specialist

Christine Carlin, NIE Insurance Specialist

I've been helping dry cleaners and coin laundries with insurance issues since 1998. I understand the issues involved in owning and insuring a fabricare business. I would be happy to discuss your insurance needs with you.

There's more: I'm just one member of a team of experts at NIE. The entire organization has been handling fabricare insurance full time since 1915!

Here’s a partial list of the areas where your current insurance probably falls short:

KNOWLEDGE: NIE (National Fire & Indemnity Exchange) insures thousands of businesses in 33 states. Every policyholder is either a dry cleaner or a coin laundry. Every member of NIE’s workforce is devoted full-time to fabricare insurance.

LOYALTY: As a reciprocal exchange, we are owned by our policyholders! Our policyholders elect an Advisory Committee that determines how to distribute the exchange’s profit.

EFFICIENCY: For over 40 hours each week, you can call 1-800-325-9522 and talk to a friendly, experienced, full-time drycleaner and coin laundry insurance specialist (not a recording). All NIE’s specialists, decision makers and service providers work in the same office. When you need a quick answer or quick action, you get it.

FINANCIAL STRENGTH: NIE’s financial ratios are stronger than most insurance industry giants. Plus, NIE buys multiple types of reinsurance from companies whose combined net worth exceeds $5 billion.

A GREAT TRACK RECORD: NIE was formed in 1915 by the National Association of Dyers and Cleaners. We’re still true to our original mission.

Don’t miss out any longer! Call me today at 1-800-325-9522. Or you can e-mail me: Give us a chance to earn your business.


Chuck Simpson